After trying to avoid taking a position on the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law, Harry Reid admitted Friday night in a TV interview that he supports the administration. Transcript via the NRSC:

JON RALSTON: “So that is a yes, you support the administration's lawsuit?” HARRY REID: “I think it is important that we determine what the . . .” JON RALSTON: “So that is a yes right?” HARRY REID: “Ya, sure.”

 A June 8 Mason-Dixon poll showed that 57 percent of Nevada voters support Arizona's immigration law, and a June 24 Rasmussen poll showed that 63% oppose the DOJ's lawsuit against Arizona. Some think that the issue could actually help Reid by energizing Hispanic voters, but Democratic governors and Western Democrats seem pretty scared by the overwhelming opposition to the lawsuit.

During the Fox News Sunday panel discussion of the lawsuit yesterday, the boss said that he thinks the Arizona lawsuit is a losing issue for Democrats:

Reid's Republican opponent Sharron Angle is strongly opposed to the lawsuit, but her campaign has not yet released any ads on the issue.