George W. Bush is renowned among Republicans for his ability to attract Hispanic voters. Along with John McCain, Bush has made a point of distinguishing himself from the Republican pack by pointedly not opposing bilingual education. And now he has further distinguished himself by becoming the first of the Republican candidates to have a bilingual Web site (Internet Al also has a bilingual home page). The English version opens with a homily on the promise of America and the "party of Lincoln," which "makes sure no one is left behind." The Spanish page is a paean to prosperity and the importance of education to those who would realize the American dream.

But there is a more striking difference between the two versions than language, as can be seen in these pictures. The English-language page has more content and all its links work. The Spanish version has fewer links, and the important ones at the top -- showing the governor and his logo -- are broken. THE SCRAPBOOK is confident this is an oversight, and not an inadvertent parable on the pitfalls of bilingualism.