The Republican National Committee has come out against the Iran nuclear deal, which it labels as part of the "Clinton-Obama foreign policy." The RNC makes their case in a 33-second web video which will be released later today:

The ad uses audio from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. At the end of the short spot, the screen text reads, "Clinton-Obama foreign policy: Bad deals, a nuclear Iran. Too dangerous for America."

“The Clinton-Obama nuclear deal with Iran is the capstone on a failed foreign policy that has left America and the world less safe,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus says in a statement.

“Not only does the Clinton-Obama deal fail to ultimately prevent a nuclear Iran, it will leave the Ayatollahs with even more resources to fund terrorism and further destabilize the Middle East. It’s as clear as ever that in order to keep America safe, we must elect a Republican president.”