Matt Negrin of Politico picks up on this gem from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters on Thursday to read a New York Times story on President Obama’s plans for 2012 when he was asked for details about Obama’s reelection. The AP’s Ben Feller asked Gibbs if Obama is officially running for reelection. "I think it is likely that that is going to happen," Gibbs replied. He continued, alluding to a Times article with information from the White House, "As the article says, the president is likely to file papers in the future that would officially make him a candidate." The Times's Jeff Zeleny wrote in a story that appeared on the paper's website on Thursday: "The president intends to formally declare his candidacy in about two months by filing papers with the Federal Election Commission, aides said. That step would allow him to start raising money and hiring a team of advisers, whose job it would be to make him the second Democrat since Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be elected twice to the White House."