From the Chicago Sun-Times, we find out that Illinois Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias has been hiding out in Canada, raising money from trial lawyers:

The Giannoulias Democratic Illinois Senate campaign confirmed Monday--after prodding from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee--that Alexi Giannoulias was in Canada on Sunday attending a fund-raiser at a trial lawyer convention in Vancouver that would benefit his Senate campaign. Despite my requests for Giannoulias whereabouts each day, the campaign decided not to disclose that Giannoulias flew to Vancouver on Sunday...The Vancouver fund-raiser was sponsored by the American Association for Justice's Committee for a Better Future. The price ranged from $43,200 to $250. The haul from the event was divided between 12 Democratic Senate candidates, according to the invitation (see the text of the invite at the click.). Foreign nationals cannot contribute to U.S. federal campaigns.

Of course, it took pressure from the National Republican Senatorial Committee -- and, subsequently, from the media -- for the Illinois Senate candidate to come clean. But why won't reporters ask Giannoulias about his embellishments to his own record?