The boss has added some great new attractions at conversations­ (hosted by the Foundation for Constitutional Government). There's a new conversation with Spencer Abraham (former U.S. senator from Michigan, secretary of ­energy) and our very own Jay Cost on the state of the 2016 race. The later part of the discussion, on some of the implications for both parties in the event of either a Trump or Clinton victory, is particularly strong. (But of course, you'll want to watch the whole thing.)

And there is also a newly released conversation with Harvey Mansfield—the latest in a very compelling series. The Scrapbook has heard ­enthusiastic reviews from those who've already had a chance to watch it. This conversation focuses on what Mansfield calls "America's Constitutional Soul." The conversation was recorded shortly after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, and Mansfield reflects on Scalia's constitutionalism and ours, as well as on why America can be said to have a "constitutional soul," on how our political parties treat the Constitution, and on the ­relationship of the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence.