Andrew Ferguson, writing in the Wall Street Journal:

You know what Hillary Clinton is? I’ll tell you what she is. She’s a fighter. And Scott Walker? The same. How about Bernie Sanders? And Chris Christie—and Martin O’Malley? Fighter, fighter, fighter, every one of them. They’re all candidates for president too, of course, but they’re running for the office, to hear them tell it, because they have a particular gift for beating the living daylights out of…whom? That part isn’t always clear.  Presidential politics has become alarmingly pugilistic. The best evidence we have that our candidates are built for combat is their own testimony. “Right now,” Mr. O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, told CNN, “our country’s in a fight for the very future of the American dream, and I am drawn to that fight.” So dukes up, whoever you are! Mr. Christie—another fightin’ governor—is ready too. Uneasily courting a conservative convention earlier this year, he tripled down: “I care about fighting the fight worth fighting.”  So does that make Mr. Christie the fightin-est governor in the land? He will have to fight Wisconsin Gov. Walker for the title. Mr. Walker does not look like a fighter. But stand him up in front of a crowd, and he sounds like Sonny Liston.  By my count, he used the word “fight” or “fighter” 14 times during his announcement speech, delivered in his hometown of Waukesha.

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