A meme* making the rounds on some small corners of Facebook this month claims that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “said she would resign if Kavanaugh was confirmed.”

“She did???” one doubting (yet seemingly hopeful) Thomas commented. Another romantic voiced the same skepticism, “I don't think she could say such a thing but I would love it if she stepped down!”

While she did voice support for the current “Me Too” movement before the recent hearings, TWS Fact Check could not find an instance of Ginsburg saying, suggesting, or hinting at the possibility she would resign from the Supreme Court if Brett Kavanaugh was appointed.

Furthermore, Ginsburg—who was herself confirmed 96-3 in 1993—lamented Kavanaugh’s hearing process, notably referring to it as “a highly partisan show,” wishing for a “magic wand” to wave and return to the old, less-partisan days.

*Reader, if you ever see a fact check begin with the phase “A meme circulating social media” or some variant, immediately place bets on a negative outcome. Immediately.

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