Shockingly, the same website that peddles headlines such as “Fake bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc's multiple Twitter accounts and aliases" and "Trump's Last Stand Against a Communist Takeover of America" shared some false information on Facebook. An article from US Defense Watch posted two years ago resurfaced on the platform this week, claiming that "Vladimir Putin [issued] international arrest warrant for George Soros . . . dead or alive.”

No. This did not happen.

In 2015, however, Russia did ban two branches of Soros’ Open Society organization, stating that they were “a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.” This seems to be what the body of the article is citing, but is not at all the same as suggesting that Putin issued a warrant for Soros himself “dead or alive.”

The comment section is a who’s who of top Soros-related conspiracy theories, with hits including “he was a nazi!” and the Clinton/Soros body count riddled between confused anti-Zionist vitriol.

But that seems to be your average Wednesday on US Defense Watch.

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