Believers in such entities as the “New World Order” and other population control measures including (but not at all limited to) chemtrails, the “new dark age,” vaccines, family planning, etc. have incorrectly paired a fear mongering quote with Hillary Clinton.

“Human populations must be greatly diminished,” the quote, circulating on Facebook with a few thousand shares, says.

One commenter suggested that she “start with her family.” Another seamlessly worked in the Clinton-killers conspiracy theory, suggesting that “you’ve been doing your part!! Clinton body count.” Mentions of “Agenda 21” and the Georgia Guidestones were riddled throughout the rabbit hole of the comment-section.

But alas, Clinton never said such a thing. (Even Infowars gets that right!)

The quote is often attributed to the evolutionary ecologist Eric Pianka (who once posited the world would be better off if 90 percent of the population died off), however TWS Fact Check could not find a primary source tying the quote to Pianka.

(If Pianka would like to panic about some aspect of the population, we recommend he peruse What to Expect When No One's Expecting.)

Regardless, this Malthusian view was never uttered by Hillary Clinton—something Faith Goldy surely wishes she could say about the 14 words.

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