Obama already agreed in theory to do town halls and now says he is still interested, but don't expect him to keep his word. A week ago, Obama rejected McCain's proposal for a joint-trip to Iraq as a "political stunt." In coming weeks, I anticipate similar language will begin to appear with respect to town halls. First, Obama has shown his word means nothing when it comes to the campaign and public policy. He backed out of his pledge to take public financing once it became politically disadvantageous. He also flip-flopped on his willingness to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without precondition after clinching the nomination. Second, McCain has far more experience with town halls, and Obama doesn't like answering questions from anyone. His best friend is the teleprompter-not the media, not the public. Finally, Obama has enough money to run a national advertising blitz, so why would the gaffe-prone nominee go through with town halls?