A new Congressional Research Service report confirms that Obamacare allows federal funding of elective abortions for people purchasing plans in high risk pools. Philip Klein writes at the American Spectator:

The Department of Health and Human Services sets the guidelines for the operation of the high-risk pools, but according to CRS, those guidelines "neither explicitly provide the authority to cover elective abortions with federal funds, nor do they specifically prohibit the use of federal funds." In response, 13 Republican Senators have sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, urging her to issue regulations that would prohibited federal tax dollars from covering abortion through the high risk pools.

Sebelius could actually block abortion funding in high risk pools. Though it's important to note that if Sebelius simply extends the regulations that apply to the exchanges to high risk pools, that wouldn't do anything to stop federal funding of abortion in most states.