The elite media types have been in bed with the elite national Democratic party types for so long that one hardly bothers to note it any longer. Still, it is a little jarring when the Hillary Clinton e-mails reveal this kind of panting sycophancy

"I spent yesterday with Les Gelb on Nantucket. He had lots to say which might be of interest, but I thought the most important thing to tell you is to make sure you are aware of the Parade magazine piece he wants to do about you [Clinton] … He would like to do a day in your life, when you meet with members of Congress and international figures. He wants to show the impact you are having domestically and internationally.”

Gelb, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner and former New York Times reporter, also “said he would give you [Clinton] a veto over content and looked me in the eye and said, 'she will like it.’”

T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner reports this and it is very much worth reading the whole thing.

Gelb, naturally,

… did not respond to the Examiner's request for comment.

Because he doesn’t have to.