Hours after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton's economic policies a "tired" part of the past in Detroit Monday, Clinton threw the businessman's attack line back his way.

During a rally in Florida, the former secretary of state said that Trump's all-male team of economic advisers, about half of whom are big donors to his campaign, tried and failed to repackage Trump's "old, tired ideas."

"Today in Detroit he's got, I don't know, a dozen or so economic advisers he just named. Hedge fund guys, billionaire guys, six guys named Steve," Clinton said. "They wrote him a speech and he delivered it in Detroit. They tried to make his old, tired ideas sound new."

Clinton described Trump's economic vision as a reiteration of past policies that served to benefit the wealthy.

"You know that old saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?" she said. "Trickle-down economics does not help our economy grow. It does not help the vast majority of Americans."

Earlier in Detroit, Trump said Hillary Clinton was "the candidate of the past" whose presidency would be comparable to "four more years of Obama."

"We will offer a new future, not the same old failed policies of the past," Trump said during remarks that outlined his economic vision. "The other party has reached backwards into the past to choose a nominee from yesterday—who offers only the rhetoric of yesterday, and the policies of yesterday."

A Trump campaign aide told Politico that the speech aimed to highlight Clinton as a fixture of the past.

"Everything about her is so yesterday," the aide said. "[Hillary Clinton is] a figure from the past whose time has long since been over. … She has nothing new or fresh or exciting to offer our politics. Everything she's been proposing is something we've heard for a million years before."