Desperately needing a win in the New York primary, Hillary Clinton is looking to exploit any vulnerability that she can find in the Bernie Sanders machine. So, she is going after him on guns. First, for voting wrong on holding manufacturers of firearms liable when their products are used in the commission of a crime. Even if said product is legal and not defective.

Now, she is going after Sanders's adopted home state of Vermont, presumably in the belief that it will rub off on him. As Jimmy Vielkind of Politico New York writes:

Hillary Clinton ratcheted up her attacks on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' gun control record Monday, telling a private gathering of state legislators near the State Capitol that many of the guns used by New York criminals come across the border from the Green Mountain State.

In terms of legislation, Vermont is one of the most gun friendly states in the union. It also has one of the highest rates of gun ownership and lowest rates of gun crime. So of course, if there is a problem with criminals using guns in New York, blame it on little Vermont.

Ms. Clinton likes to think of New York as her home state. But she is originally from Illinois. Just outside of Chicago a city with some of the toughest anti-guns laws anywhere. And also a place where you need to wear a flack jacket if you want to walk down the block to pick up a quart of milk. The mayor of Chicago, by the way, is an old Clinton hand and when it comes to restraining the mayhem in his city, he appears impotent. Maybe he should check with Sanders and find out how things are done in Vermont.

Meanwhile, Ms. Clinton is looking for an edge and has:

… opened a more direct line of attack on Sanders, though she stopped just short of holding the former Burlington mayor responsible for [New York's] gun violence …

So, when she does hold Sanders responsible for that (as she, no doubt, will) perhaps he will suggest that Vermont has a problem with heroin, most of which comes into the state from New York.