White House spokesman Jay Carney said President Obama "did not" watch the Republican last night. Instead, Carney said, Obama watched sports. Via the pool report:

When the conversation turned to the Republican convention, Mr. Carney was asked whether the president watched any of the speeches last night. “He did not,” he said. “I was with him and afterward he was working on his briefing books and reading a lot of material, watching sports, but not watching the convention...He had other things to do.” Reporters pressed him about why Obama decided not to tune into the GOP festivities in Tampa. “...He has enormous respect for broadcast reporters but he gets most of his news through reading...While we were monitoring the storm, mostly when the TV is on and the president is in the room, it's mostly ESPN,” Carney said. Later, in response to a follow up question, Carney made clear that Obama did not watch any part of the convention coverage. (A reporter had asked whether Carney was making this assessment about what he was able to see Obama watch.)