On May 27, 2012, National Journal's Major Garrett told MSNBC's Chris Matthews that the super PAC aligned with President Barack Obama, Priorities USA, is ready to launch "incendiary" ads, including ones that relate to "suicides" and ones "too emotionally powerful to be used in television ads."

"The super PAC, Priorities USA, that's put together these Bain ads, has done interviews with those folks who feel victimized by Bain Capital, lost their jobs," Garrett revealed. "I'm told that the interviews they've given are so incendiary, some of the things they say happened, suicides, things like that, they're actually too emotionally powerful to be used in television ads. If they did them, they're afraid there'd be a backlash against them."

Matthews replied: "Wow. We'll see how desperate they get by October..."

"But they're in the can," Garrett insisted.

This exchange between Garrett and Matthews aired two weeks after President Obama's reelection campaign held a conference call featuring Joe Soptic, the star of the most super PAC ad that suggested Mitt Romney was responsible for his wife dying of cancer.

"The Obama campaign is launching a multi-pronged, multimedia attack on Mitt Romney's record as a private equity buyout specialist. A two-minute ad, entitled ‘Steel,’ will air in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia. A longer version of the ad is available at RomneyEconomics.com — a website that examines Romney's record in detail," Byron Tau of Politico reported on May 14.