National Security Adviser John Bolton said Wednesday that the U.S. will give formal notice of withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia “in due course,” thereby allowing the U.S. to restart once-prohibited missile activities.

Bolton said earlier in October that the U.S. would be leaving the 1987 treaty, which bans the testing, production, and possession of ground-launched cruise and ballistic missiles. Russia has been in violation of the treaty for at least four years.

“In due course here we will give formal notice of withdrawal and material breach, and then we’d be in a position not to comply with the treaty,” Bolton said Wednesday during an event hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society. “It is beyond question—a view shared by every NATO ally—that Russia is in serious breach.”

Trying to persuade Russia to comply with the treaty is not feasible because the Kremlin does not think it is in violation in the first place, he said, adding, “How do you bring the Russians back into compliance when they don’t think they’re out of compliance to begin with?” A universalized treaty that binds other countries that have expanded their missile capability, such as China, is an unlikely option, Bolton said.

Russia has already effectively withdrawn from the INF with its repeated violations, leaving the U.S. as the only party to the Cold War-era treaty. “The diplomatic response to repeated treaty violations, the diplomatic response to other countries taking advantage of not being bound by the treaty obligations, the response by the Obama administration was zero,” Bolton said. “What encouragement does that give to our adversaries? It says cheat and succeed.”

America’s withdrawal is intended to send a message to those who enter into a treaty with it: Comply “or there will be consequences.” His remarks come just ahead of a meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Paris for the centennial anniversary of the World War I armistice. Bolton said Wednesday that the meeting would likely be brief. Putin is said to be looking to discuss the INF exit plans with Trump at that time.