Here are a few excerpts from House speaker John Boehner's upcoming speech at the Republican National Convention:

The American people are still asking "where are the jobs," but President Obama only offers excuses instead of answers. His record is a shadow of his rhetoric. Yet he has the nerve to say that he’s moving us forward, and the audacity to hope that we’ll believe him.... My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati. I worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables. Believe me when I say I learned how to deal with every character who walked in the door. So let’s say right now, a guy walked into our bar and said, "the private sector is doing fine." Well, do you know what we’d do? That’s right: we’d throw him out. … If a guy walked into our bar … and said, "if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that," do you know what we’d do? Throw him out. …. President Obama just doesn’t get this. He can’t fix the economy because he doesn’t know how it was built. So in 70 days, when the American people walk into the voting booth, what should we do? Throw him out.... We can do better. We can do a lot better. It starts with throwing out the politician who doesn’t get it, and electing a new president who does. … President Romney will keep his word and his courage, too. He’ll keep faith with the idea that government exists to serve the people, and the people build the economy.... It’s a big job, so we’re fortunate that Mitt has chosen as his running mate a leader who is second to none when it comes to rooting out and fixing Washington’s worst habits. When I met Paul Ryan 22 years ago, he was a student at Miami of Ohio volunteering on my campaign. Soon, he will be our party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States.  Who says this isn’t the greatest country on Earth?