Vice President Joe Biden posed for a picture with a man wearing a marijuana themed t-shirt on a recent visit to Colorado. The t-shirt, from High Times, reportedly says, "I got high in Colorado."

Here's the picture:

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The picture was shared on Twitter by BambuCycles:



The White House pool reporter provides more details of the encounter:

VP Biden left the discussion at the Community College of Denver's Advanced Manufacturing Center and traveled 1.6 miles to Little Man ice cream in Denver's Lo-Hi neighborhood. He stepped out of the vehicle at 3:38 p.m. wearing aviator sunglasses and a dress shirt and tie (no jacket) with his sleeves rolled once to his forearms. He took photos at the iconic Denver ice cream shop -- housed in huge silver milk jug on Tejon Street -- with dozens of onlookers and fans as "Signed, Sealed and Delivered, I'm Yours" played on the loudspeakers. He walked to the shop's window with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. "I'm buying," Biden declared. "No, I'm buying," Hancock said. Biden ordered a scoop of Salted Oreo -- a local favorite -- in a waffle cone he soon emptied into a bowl. He continued to take photos with onlookers, including Angel Cruz, the owner of Denver's BambuCycles, who wore a High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup T-shirt. Cruz brought a green T-shirt with the words "I got high in Colorado" on the front. Cruz said he wanted to give the T-shirt to give to Biden but forgot after taking the photo with him. The press was escorted to the motorcade at 3:53 p.m. The VP's vehicle then diverted to an unknown location as the press were taken to the manufacturing center.