If you thought it was a dopey idea for Republicans and Democrats to sit next to each other at the State of the Union last night, Ben Nelson gets even dopier

"So, to paraphrase former President Reagan, whose declaration about the need for unity rings true today in a different context, I hope colleagues will join me and say, 'Get Rid of This Aisle!'"Let's close the Partisan Divide and let the Democrats, Republicans and Independents all sit together. I'm going to advocate--if there truly is an interest in working together--that we get rid of the aisle on the Senate floor. We could sit not by party but by state, or by alphabet, or some other way that erases the partisan divide. Others will probably join in. We've already gone through the exercise of last night so it should not be difficult to get others to sign onto the idea. The idea would be to send a joint letter to the leaders suggesting mixed seating.