The NAACP chapter in Atlanta, Georgia, has demanded the destruction of a famous, engraved Confederate depiction near their city. The largest bas-relief in the world, sculpted on the north face of Stone Mountain, just a 30-minute drive east of Atlanta, the relief consists of Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

A recent petition garnering a lot of attention offers an alternate solution. Instead of demanding the artwork be erased, artist Mack Williams is requesting to add members of Outkast, the world famous rap duo who originated in Atlanta, to the background of the Confederate depiction. Outkast, comprised of members Andre 3000 and Big Boi, has been vital to Georgian culture over the years and many argue that the duo needs to be properly recognized for its work.

“By no means do we wish to erase or destroy the current carving, which, regardless of its context, is an impressive and historic work of art,” the petition states. “We simply wish to add new carvings, of Atlanta hip-hop duo Outkast, to the mountainside. There’s plenty of room.”

The petition needs at least 2,000 signatures to be presented to the Georgia state house, senate, and governor, Nathan Deal. According to CNN, 5,600 people have already signed the petition, believing this is a SpottieOttieDopaliscious compromise that will not have people needing to say, “Sorry Mr. Jackson.”

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Daniel Pickert is an intern at The Weekly Standard.