Aetna announced this week that it will no longer be providing Affordable Care Act "marketplace" insurance plans in nearly a dozen states, including Arizona. Aetna joins other insurers, including Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, and Health Net in dropping Obamacare coverage in parts of Arizona.

The Arizona Republic has a sobering summary of what's become of Obamacare in the Grand Canyon state. Only two providers have plans available in Maricopa County (home of the Phoenix metropolitan area), Cigna and Phoenix Health Plans. Cigna has proposed rate increases of nearly 20 percent. But that's nothing compared to the rate shock that Phoenix Health Plans customers are in for: hikes of some 122 percent. Yikes.

Even that is less catastrophic than the situation for those relying on Obamacare in Pinal County, the area just below Phoenix where you'll find towns such as Casa Grande, Florence, and Superior. A little less than 10,000 people had Obamacare plans in Pinal County as of last February. The Republic has blunt news for them: "those customers who wish to continue subsidized coverage beyond Jan. 1 have no current options."

Jerry-rigged and sold with a sub-Lochte level of truthfulness, Obamacare continues its slow-motion train-wreck.