The crown prince of Bahrain attempted to arrange a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009 by using his connections to the Clinton Foundation. That's according to newly released emails between Clinton's State Department aide Huma Abedin and former Bill Clinton aide Doug Band, who was helping run the Foundation at the time.

The emails, obtained by the activist group Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request, show Band alerting Abedin of Crown Prince Salman's visit to Washington in June 2009. "Asking to see her," Band said. "Good friend of ours."

"He asked to see hrc [Hillary Rodham Clinton] thurs and fri thru normal channels," Abedin wrote back. "I asked and she said she doesn't want to commit to anything for thurs or fri until she knows how she will feel. Also she says that she may want to go to ny and doesn't want to be committed to stuff in ny…"

Salman and the Kingdom of Bahrain had been generous donors to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Judicial Watch notes that Salman had established a scholarship program for the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005.

Abedin eventually wrote back that the meeting between the crown prince and the secretary of state had been set up through "official channels."