Why did SEARS die? Here’s one theory from a former employee, Joseph Russo, at The American Conservative.

A beginner’s guide to Air BnB. Jennifer Wood has this wonderful item at Conde Naste Traveler on her first experience at Air BnB. I’ve never done it myself, but as somebody whose flight was cancelled and lost out on a fantastic Hotel Tonight app deal, you can’t be that mad when you know the t’s and c’s/

Who are the “Proud Boys”? Our Washington Examiner colleague Alex Thomas has this write up at (warning!) Playboy, and it’s well worth a read.

Help this guy get free peanut butter for life. This young man is a peanut butter obsessive, it seems. The German grocer Lidl has vowed to give him free peanut butter for life if he can get 72,000 retweets of this tweet he posted. This is eminently doable, and I’d like to help this young guy reach his goal. If you have a Twitter account and are so inclined, help him out.

Is the Titanic II a good idea? This seems like tempting fate.

Trump can’t make me leave the GOP. That’s Jay Caruso’s argument at The Atlantic. I understand why people feel compelled to leave the party, but I’m not leaving either.

Nuclear woes hurt dems. Roll Call has this look at how nuclear energy woes are hurting blue districts.

Will democrats listen to Henry Waxman? It’s not often a retired member of Congress urges current occupants of the chamber to consider being cautious. These days, it’s even less likely they’ll listen. The GOP often painted Henry Waxman as a vaudeville villain when he was in office, but they’d be smart to support his view of things now. Actions have consequences. Ask Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.

The freest trade. The latest episode of Conversations with Bill Kristol stars CATO scholar Scott Lincicome, and is well worth your time, as a video or as a podcast.

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