What’s the future of electric scooters? Reason magazine investigates whether this innovative new means of transportation will survive big city regulators.

The Nunes Family Farm. Esquire’s Ryan Lizza has a curious story on the California Rep.’s family’s bizarre actions to hide the fact that they, like many others in agriculture, probably employ illegal immigrants.

What’s the future for Virginia’s GOP? Corey Stewart is set to lose to incumbent Senator Tim Kaine in about a month. What happened to the Virginia GOP? What is its future? The conservative blog Bearing Drift asks a number of insiders what the party can do to keep the once reliably red state… purple.

Does The Fugitive explain the internet? That’s what Jeremy Gordon argues in The Outline. And rather convincingly, I must say.

Fred and Donald’s Tax Schemes. The New York Times has a well-done interactive dive into how President Trump and his late father were able to transfer wealth to the Trump children through various inventive means.

Tom Petty, a year after his death. Since it’s the first anniversary of Tom Petty’s death, it’s worth checking out Mark Hemingway’s excellent remembrance of him from 2017.

First, there was the Cajun Navy. Now, there’s the Shorty Air Force. Elon Musk has a host of problems, from economic ones to his behavior on social media. Now, he has a motivated group of short sellers going to extreme lengths to get information about his company’s dealings. Specifically, a private air force, as the New York Times reports.

Kyrie apologizes. The former Cleveland Cavaliers star, now with the Boston Celtics, has apologized for his remarks about the earth being flat.

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