Enough Beto profiles, please. At Politico, Jack Shafer encourages journalists to stop the presses, before they profile Beto O’Rourke yet again.

The war on pizza moves to the U.K. If you thought the menu wars in the U.S. were bad, the U.K. can always take it a step further.

How Hillary Clinton could… win? At The Week, consider Matthew Walther’s opinion. And shudder. (If you’re unfamiliar with Walther, you should change that. Look back at his take on why Chuck E. Cheese is one of the best bars in America. The one he profiled here is in my neighborhood, and is rumored to be the one Jared and Ivanka and their kids patronized this weekend.)

Why can’t fighter jets just fly away from storms? That’s what a lot of people are asking in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Here is your answer.

Is this my next phone? Are you burned out with being constantly connected? I know how you feel. I’ve gone on a smartphone diet before, and while I can’t go cold turkey again, I think I may have found the solution.

The U.S. mercenaries of Yemen. BuzzFeed has this deep dive into how former U.S. soldiers were part of an assassination scheme in Yemen.

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