Best obituary ever? My colleague Richard Starr shares this gem, and you should read the whole thing.

America’s last gumball maker. Marketplace takes a look at the last of a dying breed in New York and its future.

No moderate Democrats left? DNC Chair Tom Perez accidentally said what many people have long known: the Blue Dogs are basically dead.

How to track Hurricane Michael. For our readers in the lower east coast, here’s a guide from Lifehacker.

Is this the future of aggregated news? Will artificial intelligence be the judge of what is or is not good journalism?

Union member wins back job… After claiming that his falsified reports were… normal!

A whale of a tale. A family in the Puget Sound called the local police after whales approached their boat. Which might be the most 2018 thing ever.

Bake our cake. While it might be a longstanding (and correct!) belief on the right that businesses shouldn't have to do business with everyone, some College Republicans got litigious when a local sports bar told them they didn’t want to host a politically themed Brett Kavanaugh confirmation party.

Jon Kyl for U.N. Ambassador? That’s what my former colleague Steven Duffield argues, since Kyl will likely occupy the seat held by the late Senator John McCain only until January.

Define “all natural.” A class action suit is targeting LaCroix for its claim that naturally occurring chemicals in its drink are, indeed, natural.

Introducing “The Bulwark!” If you’re a news junky, be sure to bookmark this site.

The Alexa House. Imagine showing this video to somebody who watched The Jetsons when it first aired.

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