Baseball update. The Brewers are now down 3-2 after a tough loss to the Dodgers, and host them for Game 6 on Friday night. We were listening to the game yesterday at the office, tuning into WTMJ to hear the great Bob Eucker call the game. One of the best things about listening to local broadcasts is the local ads: the personal injury firms, the political ads, and the local hamburger joint. In Wisconsin, I was unaware of George Webb Restaurants, which offers free burgers after wins, having done so for nearly 30 years.

Not surprisingly, after their failed 1987 campaign, some Brewers fans have kept their free burgers in inventive ways. The Journal Sentinel has a look at some of the preserved sandwiches.

Meet Heidi Cruz. At the Atlantic, Elaina Plott has this lengthy and worthwhile profile of the wife of the junior senator from Texas.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes is a baddie. That’s what Rich Lowry argues at Politico. It’s nice to see fellow travelers criticize what should be accepted as normal on the right. And that’s fitting with National Review’s history. Perhaps more should join the fray.

Show us your Tsundoku. What is Tsundoku? Well, you’ll have to read this item at Atlas Obscura to find out, but suffice to say, the TWS offices are littered with it.

"How Do We Talk to the Dangerous Idiots Who Disagree With Us?" At the Washington Free Beacon, David Rutz examines an NPR show centered around that exact question.

Honestly, Nebraska isn’t for everyone… That’s the state’s new marketing slogan. Who said truth in advertising was dead?

Shocker: Los Angeles doesn’t love the NFL. The folks at Deadspin have this (vulgar) look at the failure, so far, of the NFL in a city that has always had trouble keeping NFL teams. St. Louis, one of the losers in the deal (and where I’m headed tomorrow, for a wedding), has a reason to smile. Things aren’t working out great for Stan Kroenke. Two years ago I wrote a letter of empathy to Rams fans—including my in-laws—as a lifelong Browns fan here at TWS. While I’m sure many would prefer the Rams never left, at least they can take solace in Stan Kroenke’s boondoggle.

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