The political action committee headed by Ohio governor John Kasich has a new advertisement as the Republican prepares to run for president. The 60-second ad features Kasich speaking directly to the camera about his experience both as governor and as a longtime member of the House of Representatives. Beginning with a quick montage through photos of all the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, a female voiceover cuts in. "Hey, what about us?"

"I learned something from my father," Kasich says. "Do your best to look out for other people." Kasich says his administration 'turned Ohio around" by creating jobs, cutting taxes, and balancing the state budget.

"I was one of the chief architects of balancing the budget," he says of his time as chairman of the budget committee in the House. "First time we did it since man walked on the moon. We haven't done it since. We can do it again."

The voiceover cuts in again: "John Kasich's for us."

Watch the video below:

Kasich is expected to announce his campaign for president on July 21. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, he registers just 1.5 percent support nationally, and performs about as well in both Iowa (2 percent support) and New Hampshire (1.7 percent support).

First elected to the House in 1982, Kasich was chairman of the House budget commitee from 1995 to 2001, when he retired from Congress. He ran and won his 2010 race for governor, beating Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland, and he was reelected governor in 2014.