Over at 538, Harry Enten has done some number crunching on Democratic unity following Hillary Clinton's bruising primary with Bernie Sanders and, well, it looks like she still got her work cut out for her. A recent CNN poll that was heavily touted showed Clinton nailing down the support of 91 percent of Democrats. However, as Enten points out, that number doesn't include third party options and it's clear that Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein are attractive to Sanders voters:

The sizable portion of Sanders supporters defecting from Clinton when given other options could still be a problem for the Clinton campaign if the election tightens. Pollsters show Clinton receiving varying levels of support from Sanders voters, but CNN, Fox News,2 Marist and YouGov all show Clinton's margin over Trump among these voters shrinking when third-party candidates are presented as options. On average, Clinton loses 12 percentage points off her margin over Trump among Sanders backers — identical to the change I calculated before both conventions took place. Clinton is below 70 percent among Sanders backers in all four polls and wins an average of just 63 percent when third-party candidates are included. That's about as well as Trump is doing among well-educated, moderate Republicans — the wing of the GOP least likely to back him. In other words, the Democratic convention seems to have been somewhat of a failure in convincing Sanders voters who oppose Trump to consolidate behind Clinton rather than Johnson or Stein.

Granted, as Enten points out, none of this may matter if Clinton still leads Trump by a large margin in national polls. She's +7.5 percent in today's Real Clear Politics polling average.