With MLS All-Star coach Bruce Arena on the sideline and MLS All-Stars Edson Buddle and Landon Donovan on the field,t he Los Angeles Galaxy got pummeled last night by Puerto Rico, 4-1, in the CONCACAF Champions League. Wait, what? Wonder if Islanders coach Colin Clarke will ever get another chance back in MLS...

Boyzzz Khumalo got waived by D.C. United just short of two years after he was acquired. As lively as he has been on the wing at times, he's never been more than a temporary solution and hasn't played consistently at a level required to have success in Major League Soccer. Now, is Junior Carreiro an upgrade? That's a lot to ask, even if he is still very young. It is interesting that he's been around D.C. for so long without a contract.

In case you haven't seen, I chatted with former D.C. United midfielder Bobby Convey yesterday ahead of tonight's MLS All-Star Game. The United portion of his career took place before I got into this business, so I don't have a lot of first-hand experience with Convey when he played here. But when I asked him to look back on D.C., this is what he said:

"I was a teenager. I don’t think many people want to grow up and be remembered for what they did as a teenager. As you grow up, you realize some of the mistakes you make, and you become more mature as time goes on. It was good and bad. It was good to turn pro at 16, but it was also difficult because everything you do and everything you say, you’re just followed and scrutinized for everything you do, and as a teenager, you make a lot of mistakes. Now I’m just older and more mature. My priorities are different now, and I know how hard I have to work and what I have to do. I’m not taking anything for granted. I just enjoy playing and really concentrate for every game."

One more D.C. United item: they are lapping the field at the 2010 u-17 SUM Cup in Houston. The first team may be in turmoli, but with Conor Shanosky, Ethan White, Cody Albrecht, Julian Griggs and Jalen Robinson, even Paul Torres, the development pipeline is full. The question is, with Bill Hamid and Andy Najar already owning D.C.'s two homegrown spots, how will they accommodate the next generation of talent?

Speaking of the U.S. under-20s, who Shanosky and White are representing in Northern Ireland this week, that team plays this afternoon at 3ET against Denmark.

The Washington Freedom also plays tonight at 7:30 at Atlanta.