In its sixth year, golf's FedEx Cup has yet to make a major impact. Raise your hand if you remember last year's champion, Bill Haas. Here are some ways to make the series better.

5. Cut out the bye » Four events over five weeks is too long. Putting a bye week between the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship is overkill. This isn't the NFL with fans salivating in anticipation of the Super Bowl.

4. Match play » To create some uniqueness in the finals, how about a 32-player match-play format? Players who make the Tour Championship are seeded according to their accumulated points.

3. Move it up » The FedEx Cup gets lost in the shuffle of one of the best sports months of the year. Interest in the NFL, MLB and college football is huge in September. The FedEx Cup should be in August and finish on Labor Day.

2. Distinctive venues » What makes the Masters and many other golf tournaments so compelling? The course, of course. The PGA should find venues with dramatic television signatures. How about the FedEx Cup at Bandon Dunes?

1. Make it prime time » Interest in the NFL is huge in September. Who is golf kidding by trying to compete on Sunday afternoons? How about playing the final event in California or Hawaii and televising it during prime-time hours in the east -- Monday through Thursday nights? A unique TV slot would give the FedEx Cup a chance to be memorable.

- Kevin Dunleavy