Pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump supporter, battled Democratic Reverend Al Sharpton Friday morning after Sharpton accused Trump of having no policies to help minority voters.

Burns said during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that minority leaders had told Trump behind closed doors that education was the most important issue to many minority communities.

"We can't get the jobs unless were properly trained," Burns said. "And they all agreed and echoed to Mr. Trump that the importance of allowing parents to choose the schools that they can attend, because the child that's born in an underprivileged, underperforming community, their children are more likely to not succeed."

But Sharpton argued Trump had no such plans for school choice.

"Donald trump has not come forward with an education policy," Sharpton argued.

Burns said Trump should not be expected to "dictate" a policy that should be a reflection of what the people wanted.

"But you elect the individual to execute the policy," Sharpton said. "Otherwise, why have an election?"