Air Force pilots may favor the F-35 over the A-10, but that hasn't stopped one remote control enthusiast from outfitting a mini Warthog with foam Nerf balls and making all of us want one.

In a video posted on YouTube Aug. 3, user "ajw6115" explains how he took an old FreeWing A-10 and retrofitted it with a Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster. Using plane-mounted and ground cameras, he takes several passes at cardboard T-72 tanks on the ground, spitting out 12 foam balls in half a second. It even lets out a little "BRRRT," the trademark sound effect for the beloved Warthog.

The A-10 program itself has raised its share of pulses in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. The Air Force is again trying to cancel the program over cost issues, yet the plane's friends in Congress are doing their best to keep the life-saving aircraft in service.

In the YouTube writeup, the user says he believes the plane complies with safety codes since he's not using pyrotechnics. And then he ends with advice everyone in Washington can use: "Enjoy your brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt responsibly!"