The Republican National Committee released a blistering new video on Tuesday that highlights new contradictions between Hillary Clinton's defense of her private email practices and the latest developments related to the scandal.

The minute-long video, titled "Caught Lying Again," compares footage of the former secretary of state assuring Americans she "turned over everything [she] was obligated to turn over" to federal investigators with reports on Monday that the FBI discovered nearly 15,000 more emails in their investigation that Clinton never turned over to the government.

"The State Department has everything that they could have," Clinton said last August in one sound bite included in the new RNC web ad.

Furthermore, the video shows Clinton likening her own email practices to those of her predecessors at the State Department, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Both Powell and his successor, Condoleezza Rice, have said they have "no recollection" of a conversation between Clinton and Powell in 2009, during which Clinton claims Powell advised her to use personal email in addition to her email account.

Powell has also claimed that Clinton set up her personal email server more than a year before she received a memo from him about his own email practices.

"The American people deserve better than Hillary Clinton's ongoing deception, and with Election Day less than three months away, the State Department should expedite the review of these emails and release them in full so that voters can hold her accountable and make a fully informed choice in November," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement on Tuesday.