This is one of those "only in D.C. moments," although it happened a world away.

During a regular video briefing by Col. Steve Warren, the Baghdad-based spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, alarm bells signaling an emergency test suddenly went off while the soldier was mid-sentence on Thursday morning. The event lasted about four minutes, as amused reporters in the Pentagon watched Warren try to figure out when he could start again.

"Attention in the embassy compound" a scratchy voice said in the background. "The alarms you are about to hear are only a test. Please do not react."

"You get to listen to our tests," Warren dead-panned.

After the noise, Warren asked "Do you think that's it? All right, we'll keep trying." Then another round came through.

When it was all over, Warren said "Well, the Daily Show will thank us for that free video. Or not."