Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was asked repeatedly by reporters Saturday if he will be releasing his tax returns.

The Indiana governor repeatedly ignored the multiple questions from reporters about whether he will release his tax returns.

Pence is seen at a Columbia, Ind., farmers market in a Twitter video by New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor.

According to Alcindor, Associated Press reporter Brian Slodysko asks Pence repeatedly about his tax returns. Pence hears him but doesn't acknowledge him.

When Slodysko asks Pence if he will be releasing his tax returns, someone replies, "Guys, not the time or the place."

Slodysko confirmed on Twitter that when "asked point blank" if he would release his returns, Pence "ignored the question."

On Friday, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton released her tax returns from 2015 and then blasted GOP rival Donald Trump for not doing so. Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine released his returns for the past 10 years as well on Friday.

Pence, like Trump, has declined to do so.