An employee at the Washington Navy Yard Thursday morning said it's 'ridiculous' that yet another shooting may have occurred at the facility two years after the first.

"It's very, very frightening," said Mabel Gudiel, who works in Building 197, the scene of the September 2013 shooting that left 12 dead and three injured.

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"First of all, you should never let a situation happen like this, but for it to be the second time. I think one time's enough to actually learn your lesson," she said. "And at this point, I think security should be more tight. It should have never gotten to this degree [where] people fall through the cracks."

Peter Plocki, an attorney at the nearby Department of Transportation, said it was "surreal" walking off the Metro and seeing the long lines of police cars.

"I just feel for the people who are actually in there."