If Rebekah Bydlak's latest campaign video is any indication, the national debt is going to be a hard target to hit.

In the video, the GOP hopeful for the 1st Congressional District in Florida's panhandle sports blue jeans, cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, yellow shooting glasses and a few guns, one with a bayonet.

Standing next to a target sign which says "National Debt" with dollar signs and numbers on it, she announces, "We are $19 trillion in debt. Enough is enough. It's time to take aim at the debt."

Bydlak proceeds to do just that, and miss. And miss. And miss.

The kickback on the first gun, a high powered rifle, proves too much for her. So she switches to the shotgun with bayonet, takes careful aim, and finally fells the foul sign, before bending over in laughter.

The video then cuts to her posing next to the target, propped back up to help her make a fundraising pitch.

"Well I'm outta ammo," Bydlak says, "You and I both know how expensive it is. So, if you can, send whatever you can afford to help me reload and take on Washington spending once and for all."

In a more serious note on her campaign website, Bydlak writes that she agrees "with Admiral Mike Mullen, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The national debt is the biggest threat to our nation's security. Every child born today is already tens of thousands of dollars in debt thanks to career politicians who can't say no."

Bydlak isn't the only Republican politician to feature guns in a campaign ad this year. Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens fires several hundred rounds with a machine gun in one commercial.

The Florida primary for both parties is on August 30.