Democratic National Commitee Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will host a press conference to talk about the first Republican presidential primary debate, more than six hours before the debate is even scheduled to take place next week.

The GOP debate is scheduled for Aug. 6 in Cleveland, Ohio, and will air on Fox News at 9 p.m. ET. On Wednesday, the DNC sent out an email announcing that Wasserman Schultz, along with the Ohio Democratic Party, will co-host a press conference to "discuss" the debate.

A spokeswoman for the DNC did not return a request for comment on how the chairwoman will discuss something that hasn't taken place yet, or what she might talk about.

The DNC itself has yet to release final details for its own presidential primary debate schedule.

While the Republican National Committee released details in January about its first nine planned debates, complete with which TV network and state will host each one, the DNC has released few details about its own debates, and hasn't yet released any information about its primary debate schedule.

In May, the DNC announced it would sanction six presidential primary debates. The first four would take place in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina. But the networks hosting the debates weren't named and the months in which they were to take place were left "TBD."