With the heat wave oppressing all who set foot outside, Washington-area residents are doing everything they can to escape the heat by fleeing to the pool, out of town or simply the indoors.

"I'm staying home the whole weekend," said D.C. resident Maria Tenorio.

Tenorio said she had made sure to stay in the air conditioning all week long.

Jim McCollum, a courier who works in downtown D.C., is making plans to escape to Maine in August. The heat is getting to him.

"I just want some water, a week at the beach," he said.

Arlington resident Daquan Pate, 11, said he had gone to a swimming pool every day this week.

"It was real hot," said his older brother, Qundre Pate, a mechanic who works outdoors. "It's the hottest year, I think."

Others weren't able to escape the sizzling temperatures.

Ali Akbar, who operates a hot dog stand at the corner of 15th and L streets, said he didn't take any days off this week, even though other vendors often do in the heat. He tries not to pay attention to the forecast.

"This is my business. If [heat] comes consistently, I can't take off every day," he said. "I gotta feed my kids. I gotta pay my bills."

To cope with the weather, he drinks six or seven bottles of water every day.

"This is what keeps me alive," he said.