As if finding a date in liberal cities isn’t hard enough for supporters of President Trump, now a dating app for GOP singles has come under attack by the left’s hackers.

According to the head of the new dating site launched Monday morning, "brute force" computer assaults aimed to shut down DonaldDaters just five hours after it went online.

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“Our engineering team reports that between approximately 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, our servers experienced unusual traffic volumes that saturated our network due to so-called ‘brute force’ attacks. We withstood the attacks, which were clearly designed to try to overwhelm the servers so our users could not access them,” said DonaldDaters CEO Emily Moreno.

What’s more, the site’s chat room was found to have poor security opening the door to malicious attacks. The option was closed and a security team was called in to fix it, said Moreno.

But the attack on her servers threatened to shut down the dating app, validating her claim that Trump supporters are constantly under attack.

The site also was attacked on social media, with liberals belittling Trump supporters looking for love.

“The left’s ferocious response has proven our core thesis: Trump supporters face extreme hostility wherever they go – whether they’re at a restaurant or on an online dating app. Something is dangerously wrong in our culture when young people feel sidelined in their dating lives. I’ve also been the target of a barrage of disgusting and at times even racist attacks online. Enough is enough,” Moreno told Secrets.

She added:

“We started this app to provide a solution to so many Trump supporters who have told me their dating horror stories. For many of them, liberal intolerance has made meeting and dating nearly impossible. Support for the president has become a deal breaker instead of an icebreaker.

“We wish we could participate in the public dating community. However, evidenced by the deplorable commentary by many on the Left since launching, DonaldDaters was born out of a dire need. We hope that cooler heads will prevail.”