Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said that he and a “majority” of senators are open to changing their view of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh based on what a new FBI investigation of him comes up with.

The Florida lawmaker, who in an earlier statement noted that sexual assault accuser Christine Blasey Ford had not provided evidence against the judge, told a Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service that he would be eager to hear any new evidence generated by the FBI.

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“That’s the way we should approach everything in life. I mean, we make decisions based on what we know, but you also have to recognize that if something you didn’t know comes forward, you can’t just ignore it. And I would say that’s where the majority of people are in the Senate,” he said to a student conference hosted by the Institute’s director Mo Elleithee.

Rubio said that he had previously viewed Kavanaugh’s nomination through the traditional lens of how he would interpret the Constitution.

“When these things come out, that changes the dynamic. At that point I have to vote based on what I know. What are the facts that are presented before us? And those facts may may or may not change over the next five days because now the FBI is interviewing people, and anytime that you are out there interviewing people it could lead to other people who have answers that you may fill in,” said the popular senator and 2016 presidential candidate.

“And so ultimately if any of these things are corroborated, the nomination is going to be very different for everybody, not just me. But that’s the process we are engaged in right now. And so far, based on what was before the committee and what was apparently going to be before the Senate as early as Saturday of this week, there is no corroborating evidence. Minus that, most people have to make decisions on what you know. What we know, may or may not change over the next five to seven days, depending on how that process plays out,” he added.

After last week’s explosive hearing that pitted Ford against Kavanaugh, who has denied all claims of harassment against him, Rubio slammed the process and Democratic attackers.