The sale of political books have doubled this year, and in most states, readers are grabbing pro-Trump works, according to bookseller Barnes & Noble.

Sales are up 57 percent over last fall, led by Bob Woodward’s “Fear,” and now Tucker Carlson’s Ship of Fools.

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“U.S. politics has been red hot in 2018 as readers have flocked to analyses and insider accounts of the White House and the U.S. political scene, driving sales up 57 percent compared to last year,” said Liz Harwell, senior director of merchandising at Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble’s Book Buzz compared the sales in states to the Electoral College and found that in 32 states, sales of pro-Trump books were high. In the other 18 mostly coastal states, the anti-Trump books were doing well.

There was a little difference, however. “The data shows that three states who voted blue in 2016 have trended toward books that are positive to Trump, while 2 states who voted red lean toward buying books critical of the president.” Those were Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire.

“Meanwhile, the states that were most likely to buy books supporting President Trump were: Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. The states that were the most likely to buy books critical of the president were: New York, California, and Massachusetts,” added the book seller.