Despite a wave of troubling headlines, President Trump’s odds of winning re-election have surged and are far higher than any challenger, according to a leading online gambling site.

What’s more, said, more gamblers are betting on a Trump victory than on every single other competitor of either party, of which the site lists 45.

Trump currently stands as a 3/2 bet to win re-election. His closest challenger is California Sen. Kamala Harris, listed at 10-1.

Hillary Clinton has dropped to 66-1, behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, 14-1, former Vice President Joe Biden, 16-1, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 50-1.'s Sportsbook Brand Manager Dave Mason said that Trump’s odds to win in 2020 have bounced around from +275 in April of 2017 to +130 just a few weeks ago.

"We still have a huge exposure on Trump," he said. “There are more bets on Trump than all of the other names on the 2020 election list, combined,” he added in a statement.

"Trump's poll numbers really don’t slow people from betting on him. It doesn’t matter what he does/tweet/who he offends. Bettors are still pounding him at plus money," says Mason.


Donald Trump 3/2

Kamala Harris 10/1

Bernie Sanders 14/1

Joe Biden 16/1

Mike Pence 16/1

Elizabeth Warren 20/1

Cory Booker 25/1

Kirsten Gillibrand 25/1

Bob Iger 33/1

Howard Schultz 33/1

Oprah Winfrey 33/1

Tom Steyer 33/1

Andrew Cuomo 40/1

Michelle Obama 40/1

Paul Ryan 40/1

Amy Klobuchar 50/1

Ben Shapiro 50/1

Dwayne The Rock Johnson 50/1

Jamie Dimon 50/1

Joe Kennedy III 50/1

Julian Castro 50/1

Michael Bloomberg 50/1

Nikki Haley 50/1

Orrin Hatch 50/1

Tom Wolf 50/1

Hillary Clinton 66/1

John Kasich 66/1

Mark Cuban 66/1

Tulsi Gabbard 66/1

Caroline Kennedy 100/1

Clay Travis 100/1

George Clooney 100/1

Ivanka Trump 100/1

Jon Stewart 100/1

Leonardo DiCaprio 100/1

Mark Zuckerberg 100/1

Rand Paul 100/1

Terry McAuliffe 100/1

Marco Rubio 125/1

Ted Cruz 125/1

Bill Gates 150/1

Kanye West 150/1

Stephen Colbert 150/1

Steve Bannon 150/1

LaVar Ball 250/1

Will Smith 250/1