With many businesses booming again and confidence among executives and workers reaching new highs, some are asking who to give the credit to.

In Minnesota, home to the as-seen-on-TV “My Pillow” company, the founder said he knows the answer.

“It’s President Trump, Who else is there that you can attribute it to? It’s him,” said Mike Lindell, whose company is expanding.

“I’ve seen an amazing confidence and optimism in businesses and even among my own employees,” said Lindell.

The former addict turned entrepreneur and philanthropist was an early supporter of Trump and has appeared at two of his recent rallies, one in Rochester, Minn. Thursday night and earlier in Fargo, N.D.

He said that his and some other Minnesota companies have benefited from the Trump-backed GOP tax cuts and reduction in costly regulations. He gave his employees a 5 percent to 10 percent raise after the tax cuts were passed.

The increase in business, he added, has allowed him to foster side gigs by his employees who he encourages to start their own businesses. “People are taking chances and it’s an overall optimism and confidence the the president has fostered since Day One,” said Lindell in a telephone interview.

Like most Trump supporters, and many who live outside the Beltway, Lindell decried the political forces lined up against the White House.

“It’s too bad there is so much resistance and attacks every day because we would be getting so much more done,” he said.

But, citing polls putting Trump’s approval rating a better-than-average 50 percent, Lindell said he senses that as the president fulfills campaign promises, like changing the NAFTA trade deal, support will grow.

“I like to say, everybody loves him, they just don’t know it yet. They are going to keep on coming. He’s what a leader should be,” said LIndell.