Former White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka writes in a new book that President Trump is succeeding in foreign policy where others haven’t because he has thrown out the old playbook and gone with his gut.


“With the election of Donald J. Trump to president, the political rulebook has been shredded, burnt, buried, and then Donald Trump jumped up and down on it. It’s gone, so any past expectations, any trend-lines are irrelevant,” he writes in Why We Fight.

Gorka, a champion of the president’s America First philosophy who resigned in August 2017 to promote Trump on the outside when he felt anti-Trump forces were winning inside the White House, added that Trump has crushed the Obama-era “permafrost” of political correctness. “Donald Trump is the catalyst,” he said in an interview he did with Dave Rubin reprinted in his book.

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His new book, published by Regnery, has been adopted by champions of Trump as the latest portrayal of successes by the administration.

The proof: The Trump Team is hosting a book party for Gorka at the Trump International Hotel next Tuesday.

The party is being hosted by Donald Trump Jr., Kim Guilfoyle, family friend and advocate Arthur Schwartz, former White House aide and Trump Jr.’s associate Andrew Surabian, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and Tommy Hicks, who heads the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action.