Already on a torrid fundraising pace heading into crucial congressional midterm elections next month, the Republican National Committee on Friday said it has also reached out to a record 50 million voters.

The RNC said that its voter outreach project broke its record by making contacts in 28 states and across 172 congressional districts that will play a key role in deciding if the GOP keeps control of the House.

The committee said that when its digital get-out-the-vote efforts are folded in, “billions of voter engagements by Election Day on November 6.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said, “The Republican Party’s victories are driven by a permanent field program that keeps us connected with voters everywhere.”

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She added, “We engage Americans on the issues that matter to them, offering everyone a home in our Party of opportunity. I am grateful to our staff and more than 200,000 volunteers for helping us make over 50 million voter contacts and energizing their communities ahead of the midterms.”

The party said that it has been expanding its ground game every since President Trump’s election. It is now in 28 states, has 540 paid staffers and more than 200,000 volunteers.