Support for a southern border wall among conservatives has jumped since President Trump came to office, reaching a new high of 99 percent, according to a new survey.

What’s more, conservative activists demand sweeping immigration reform as part of the border wall strategy.

The survey The Frontier Lab’s Ear to the Ground Listening Project and Citizens for Self-Governance found that support for Trump’s border wall has increased 85 percent since he became president.

Ear to the Ground_Wall Plus Chart.png

It also found that 97 percent of conservative activists support a “wall-plus” strategy that includes immigration legal reform, a topic that has stalled in Washington over partisan differences in handling illegal immigrants already in the U.S. And 73 percent call a dual strategy "extremely important," said the poll.

“President Trump’s wall represents proof to this group of conservative activists that he is pursuing bold and unprecedented steps to improve the nation,” said Anne Sorock, director of the Ear to the Ground Listening Project.

“But they are just as focused on additional steps that must be taken to solve our immigration problems,” she added. The group provided Secrets with an early look at the survey.

The 19,526 surveyed are self-identified conservative and pro-Constitution activists. Some 92 percent backed Trump in the 2016 election.

Citizens for Self-Governance is the group behind the push for a “convention of states” to vote on constitutional changes to reduce federal spending and Washington's power grab. They track with Tea Party activists, many of whom believe the media ignore them.

In fact, in the grassroots poll, 82 percent said that Trump “represents the Tea Party values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and a free market,” said the poll analysis.

“With this poll and more to come, we intend to give conservative grassroots activists the public voice that the media has generally denied them,” said Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self Governance.

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